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A guardian angel's duty is to watch from afar; to see but not be seen, to let their ward grow into their chosen path while only providing the subtlest occasional nudge, keeping them from harm's way. A guardian angel doesn't directly intervene, or make their presence known; the ward goes through life never knowing they were there at all.

Granted, those guideline are little more than friendly suggestions, as far as Mari's concerned! It's just so hard to keep away from Dia. She's clever, precious, and so awfully fun to tease-- it'd be a waste to let her whole life tick by without popping in now and then for a quick chat.

Besides, sometimes direct intervention is absolutely necessary. Like--

"Dia, Dia, please, you can't go out in that skirt!" She flicks the hem of the ink-colored fabric, sending it swishing around Dia's calves. "It's a party, remember? Loosen up a bit! You couldn't possibly dance in something this long, you'll sweat up a storm, and nobody'll be able to see your nice legs. They're your best asset, you know? Show them off a bit!"

With a flutter of wings, she drifts to the front of the closet and begins filing through it. "Ooh, how about this one?" She pulls out a short, cream-colored skirt with a white dotted pattern. "Ruby got it for your birthday this year, right? And you've worn it, like... never! You'll make your little sister cry!"


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